The Willman Collection

Rare Silver Gelatin Hand Printed Photography

Artist Statement

“Original photography is not the art of reproduction, but rather the creation of a memory that is unique.”

‘The Willman Collection’ is a deeply intimate & private body of hand-printed photographic works by renowned South African photographer & printer Matthew Willman.

Collectors must have the satisfaction & privilege of knowing their art investment has no edition and that their purchase is a unique, one-of-a-kind art piece directly from the artist to the owner. Those lucky enough to secure the rare artist proof thereafter will also know that their purchase holds the mind and creativity of the photographer.

Analogue photography is the purest expression of art within photography. There is nothing within the process of my taking the photo through to embossing my seal of authenticity on the original hand print that does not embody and carry my direct influence.

Each photograph is printed on Ilford’s superior fibre base archival silver gelatin paper.

‘The Willman Collection’ is for the collector who seeks to own a rare & unique moment captured in time that only they have.

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