Boy in the Surf


Original 1/1 

Personally signed and dated in graphite pencil verso by the photographer.

Artists embossed stamp sealed on bottom right of the print.



An intimate photograph taken of a 17 year old boy playing alone in the foamy surf of the Indian Ocean during the dying moments of the evening sun.

Never before published or printed. 

Artist statement: 

“I wanted to create one image of a boy coming of age being cleansed by the sea, being washed over as if held for the last time in the arms of a mother’s arms before letting her son go into manhood” MW

Boy in the Surf

Photographed March 2023

The original silver gelatin hand print 1/1

Silver Gelatin Print (Fibre base)

Photographed March 2023

Print Size: 9’ x 14’ inch (23cm x 35cm)

Paper size: 18’ x 21.5’ inch (45cm x 55cm)

Printed full frame, original borders


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