FW De Klerk


Original 1/1

Personally signed and dated in graphite pencil verso by the photographer.

Artists embossed stamp sealed on bottom right of the print.



A complicated and often vilified leader to some but to others a man who made the significant decision to step up and forever change the course and direction of South Africa.

I found De Klerk to be a quiet man of few words. His answers to my questions were always considered and mechanical in their reply. One felt the weight of his past at all times when in his presence. The access I had to FW De Klerk became more frequent as he came to appreciate how I worked. In a letter written to me he remarked how at ease he felt with me photographing in his presence and how unobtrusive I was in getting my shots.

When I look at this image a see a successful man, a stately man but also a man worn down, tired. I see a legacy that will be debated for decades into the future.

FW De Klerk

Photographed Oct 2004

The original gelatin silver hand print 1/1

Gelatin Silver Print (Fibre base)

Photographed Oct 2004 Panorama, South Africa

Paper Size: 17.3’ x 20.4’ inch (44cm x 52cm)

Print size: 11.4’ x 15.7’ inch (29cm x 40cm)

Printed full frame, original borders


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