Kisamburu Elder


Original 1/1

Personally signed and dated in graphite pencil verso by the photographer.

Artists embossed stamp sealed on bottom right of the print.



Digitally scanned and printed for exhibitions and permanent collections around the world.

Spearheaded Oxfam Canada fundraising drive 2009

London 2010 (charity fundraiser)

USA 2020 (charity fundraiser)


Never before hand printed.

Kisamburu Elder

Photographed May 2008

The original silver gelatin hand print 1/1

Silver Gelatin Print (Fibre base)

Photographed May 2008 (Laikipia, Northern Kenya)

Print Size: 17’ x 11’ inch (43cm x 28cm)

Paper size: 17.7’ x 21’ inch (55cm x 45cm)

Printed full frame, original borders


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