Tondo Nude


Original 1/1

Personally signed and dated in graphite pencil verso by the photographer.

Artists embossed stamp sealed on bottom right of the print.



Never before hand printed.

Photographer, Matthew Willman trained as a professional ballet dancer for 20 years in South Africa. His passion for dance and his deep intimacy and understanding of expression through the human body has been recognised around the world. Willman’s photographic collections have been commissioned and celebrated with some of the world’s foremost ballet companies and dancers globally.

‘Tondo Nude’ expresses an essence of ancient Japanese calligraphy in its design and flow. The circular shape set on a stark white unexposed sheet of silver gelatin paper holds this original hand printed art work in time and space forever.

Tondo Nude

Photographed Dec 2022

The original silver gelatin hand print 1/1

Silver Gelatin Print (Fibre base)

Photographed Dec 2022 (Durban, South Africa)

Print Size: Circular radius 8 inch (20cm)

Paper size: 20’ x 24’ inch (55cm x 46cm)


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