Washing Line, Inanda Heritage KZN


Original 1/1

Personally signed and dated in graphite pencil verso by the photographer.

Artists embossed stamp sealed on bottom right of the print.



Never before hand printed.

This was the photographer’s first commissioned photo-shoot documenting the history and heritage of the Inanda Valley in Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa. Home to Mahatma Gandhi before returning to India and where Nelson Mandela voted for the first time in 1994.

Washing Line, Inanda Heritage KZN

Photographed 2001

The original silver gelatin hand print 1/1 + AP

Silver Gelatin Print (Fibre base)

Photographed 2001

Print Size: 12’ x 18.8’ inch (31cm x 48cm)

Paper size: 18’ x 23’ inch (57cm x 45cm)

Printed full frame, original borders


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